The Project

MARABUcaribe reflects the life. It is told the story of a music production company in all its facets and shortcomings in the execution. Chosen as subtitle, the motto 'The charm of the Insufficient' as common thread here throughout the entire work.

The story of MARABUcaribe is not told continuously like a chronicle, but hiding, as in a thriller. To some extent in documents listed as "facts", partly just as asides, but is coherent and comprehensible in itself. Thus, for example, the career of each musician in various bands, as well as the development of the individual bands, is to follow seamlessly, (if one wanted to make the effort to scour the documents criminological). MARABUcaribe presents itself avant-garde as anti-literature.

The various musicians of the MARABU represent certain styles of music, genuine, partly multiple musicians, sometimes only in a certain creative phase, others are universal. Many Marabu albums represent musical ideas, which are expressed by the musicians. Jimi Hendrix wrote his musical ideas not in notes but in colors. While listening to a piece of music the instruments were allocated to different musicians of the MARABUniversum and an album created later. Thus the music of an album can be traced back on the basis of the personnel. However, this does not apply exclusively to all albums since, firstly, this system was not sophisticated to the last detail and the other hand, everybody who operated, e.g. as writer, over a longer period with fictional characters knows, after some time they start to lead a life of its own.

The Marabu

Kurt Schwitters' idea of the Gesamtkunstwerk is found in the various disciplines, but the scope is far from the size of a Merzbau. Since the complete works contains only the A4 format limited photo collages, the orchestra of figurines and various recordings, so it can be easily transported in a small case. What does not mean it was influenced by Enrique Vila-Matas' A Brief History of Portable Literature(Dada from the suitcase), but it seems almost as if he knew MARABUcaribe. Once in 2006, the computer was introduced into the work, the most important medium became the video art. Photo collages were marginalized and come therefore only as bits and bytes.

The contemporary art generally is inconceivable without Marcel Duchamp, and so MARABUcaribe. Although accordance with his thoughts is not to be dismissed out of hand, but the beginning of the development process was before the knowledge of the existence of Duchamp as a way out in regions where neither time nor space prevail. His very own world, devoid of all conventions, always formed the basis of the doing of Harry Rodeos, therefore, even though avant-garde, was never urinated in Duchamp's readymade "Fountain".