Irrealism not indicates decouple from the reality, on the contrary. Irrealism aims only a hair's breadth past it. Surrealism signifies "beyond reality", can mean, totally isolated from reality on the one hand, as in Miro, but also "overwhelm reality to a point how it could be" like Dali.

Irrealism not superelevates like surrealism, but shows the reality from just from another point of view, disarranged(right arranged, maybe, if you will). Irrealism today is found everywhere, if we use the information, available today, to capture the world not as a rigid image, once painted and then hung on the wall, but as a constantly changing world screen.

Rulers need a certain amount of charisma to make the masses ready to follow and underpin their untruths with easy understandable pseudo-scientific specious arguments, to be repeated constantly. It is sufficient to say something to be believed, at least, by a section of people, which than produces majorities by repetition of "facts" coming from seemingly different sources. Irrational messages can be so widely used as general truths, openly and not questioned. Irrealism across the board, wherever one looks.

Criminals can legally ruin entire economies and blow up the towers of Babylon to create a pretext to rob oil and opium on a large scale and to eliminate the whole progress toward freedom. Irreal, but actuality.

So it is obvious to call the future art "Irrealism".

Although partly surrealist techniques are used in the expression, however, the search for the limits of perception comes in the background. Also that in the depths of our spirit acting strange powers is considered normal. The fact that it is under the pretext of progress achieved to banish everything from the mind what to condemn, rightly or wrongly, as superstition or fantasy, as well as any kind of search for truth, which does not correspond to conventional, will be accepted as a given because we're grown up with surrealist art.

Irrealism in the art is capable, the reality (real states and feelings) may better reflect than ever. The Irrealism is looking for new forms of resistance.

The concept of marketing is put upside down in the MARABU because only the record covers, means marketing tools, are produced, whose music is never published because it does not exist because the musicians do not exist. In addition, photos are presented that represent the ordinary reality, but in a context that does not match with reality. In the literary field, a story is told without real action, also not from a beginning, but only to be read in modulations between the lines.

The situation is only hint and can be seen only with holistic view.

The contradiction, on the other hand, the really existing music does not match with the advertised product, may not be surprising given the unreal character, nor their fundamental difference, both in genre and style as well as in quality, whose only common is the marketing term 'BebopTwist' what really means nothing and is only used to show a genre term.